The mainstay of our works has been within the financial sector dealing with the external issues of many of the countries best known high street banks and commercial centres.

Never one to pigeon-hole ourselves we are able to work for both public and private clients.

Our Sectors Include


For some time now the mainstay of our work has been in the financial sector. We have carried out work on buildings associated with nearly all of the high street banks and financial institutions. Repairing and maintaining and responding to emergency calls outs to ensure the integrity of their buildings.

We have developed a reputation for trust and delivery of excellent service during this time with a hundred percent positive feed back from the branches and commercial centres when our teams have been on site.

Our works have taken us from the top of pinnacles and towers to the basements and vaults.

We have prided ourselves on constant excellent service and delivery which has helped us to grow our business.


The rail sector is another area that we enjoy.

Full of interesting work and challenges and although a relatively new sector for Solid Bond Solutions Ltd, we are keen to capitalize on our previous experiences and success in this field and we have invested heavily in training and gaining more accreditation to allow us to do so as well as achieving our Achilles RSQS accreditation.

Data and Media

With a greater increase in the need to store data information we have seen a rise in the number of data and information storage centers and technology centers over the last few years.

We at Solid Bond Solutions are able to provide the solutions to the builders work in connection (BWIC) with the implementation of essential and integrated services necessary, including the dry core, cutting and sawing of all masonry types.

We also maintain the waterproof integrity of the general building fabric.


We undertake all aspects of office refurbishment with the ability to create the perfect environment within which to do business, be it a full refresh or just the introduction of bespoke elements such as reception desks, break out areas and functional work spaces.

We can manage the whole process and maintain it once complete.

Hotel and Leisure

Whether it is beautiful example of architecture from days gone by or a purpose made oasis of calm for the weary traveler we can fit it out, refresh, decorate or repair and maintain it so that it remains as welcoming as the day it opened without disruption to you the client, staff or visitors.

Be it a hotel, a bar or sports facility we are are always able to lend our experience and vision.


Having worked on schools and collages in the past we are able to manage all types of projects from minor repairs to major refresh works. These works have often been carried out during term and semester time periods and we work closely with the teaching staff and governing body to ensure that no disruption is caused as a result.


We have managed and carried out various internal and external works within this sector including the court building as well as judge’s lodges and chambers.

Our teams can work in the back ground and are sensitive to the nature of the proceedings around them.

Property Management

Regardless of the size of your portfolio we are always there to provide the services you require to maintain your property be it planned fabric works (PFM) or reactive.

Our operatives will always assimilate within your organisation to present a unified face to your customers and residents.

Retail and Wholesale

Be it a warehouse, distribution or manufacturing centre we are able to provide all essential maintenance works and provide additional storage solutions and back of house office and services refresh from design to install of every aspect including flooring, lighting and and furnishing internally and externally.

We also carry out works to retail and distribution centres, shops and shopping centres, supermarket chains and licensed premises.

We take each area of work and provide a service that works with your business to reduce the potential impact that it may have, often carrying out works out of normal trading hours to do so.